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Guys it’s been roughly eight years since Pluto was demoted and we’re still all like



rpgmaker is on sale so im making a snoop dogg magical girl rpg

Edward Elric design ~ Fullmetal Alchemist


Fuuu. I LOVE THIS MEGANE DORK. Rei does it again. HE ALWAYS CONFRONT THE PROBLEM HEAD ON. He ask the real questions. He doesn’t hold back. Something is wrong? Need explanation? CONFRONT IT. Don’t run away from it. Find out why and how.

It’s probably because he is such a theory dork that he always wants to find the answer. But I really love this part of Rei. He knows that if nobody confront the situation properly things will get worst or the problem won’t be solve. HE JUST HAVE TO SAY SOMETHING.

Doesn’t matter if his words may hurt someone.. he probably doesn’t mean too.. he just want to know the situation better so he could solve it soon. I fucking love Rei and when he does stuff like this.

He knows that without proper communication things will get worst so he must say something even if it is in behalf of those who are involved. He went to Rin and ask why he pulls all those crazy stunts against his team? If he didn’t confront Rin that time and told him what happened to Haruka.. we won’t get that ending and we won’t be able to hear Rin’s side of the story. And now in Nagisa’s case, even if he is his beloved person..XDDD He just have to scold him to try talking to his parents, to not lose hope without even trying. Nagisa won’t be able to find the courage to talk to his parents without this pep talk of Rei.

I love Rei, seriously. This is that guy that knows how to deal with problems not just on books but in real life too. REI-CHAN I LOVE YOU. 


legend has it you could still hear the sound of nile screaming and shitting for weeks after. 


ok I was going to reblog this anyway

and then the one in the middle

I want that for her, from the very bottom of my heart. “

❝ Do not mock a pain that you haven’t endured. ❞

- Unknown (via giant-tree)